Hospice Car Winner Announced

St. Andrew’s Hospice has officially announced that the winner in The 2017 Grand Car Raffle,  is Kieran Watson from Airdrie.

We are delighted to congratulate Mr Watson who has won a brand new Kia Picanto.

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www…aka – Website Waffle Wednesday.

Accident Advice Helpline

Here we go again, with another example of website waffle courtesy of The Accident Advice Helpline Dunfermline ‘entry’…and I can’t say it didn’t make me laugh / cringe / scratch my head in disbelief. Well, not the latter if truth be told, if only because this effort at keyword stuffing is up to their usual high standard of non-relevance and it came as no real surprise when I stepped once more into the world of website waffle.

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Back To The Future…ERRA

“Erra – a Babylonian plague god known from an epic of the 8th Century BC. Erra is the god of mayhem and pestilence who is responsible for periods of political confusion.” (Wikipedia)

Erra amulet

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The AXA man and the Straw man claim there is no such thing as whiplash in the land of Oz….

Apparently, a few days ago, in the mythical land of Oz, the AXA man (distant relation to the Tin man) and the Straw man presented a wizard idea to an invited audience. ‘There is no such thing as whiplash’, they declared, ‘even if it existed, which it doesn’t, it doesn’t hurt. If you think something might be wrong and if you hurry, you can see one of our approved doctors over in Munchkin Land who will tell you how to get back to work asap. Naturally, the Wizard will not be paying compensation under any circumstances – premiums are high enough around here, what with accidents happening every day.’

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