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The AXA man and the Straw man claim there is no such thing as whiplash in the land of Oz….

Apparently, a few days ago, in the mythical land of Oz, the AXA man (distant relation to the Tin man) and the Straw man presented a wizard idea to an invited audience. ‘There is no such thing as whiplash’, they declared, ‘even if it existed, which it doesn’t, it doesn’t hurt. If you think something might be wrong and if you hurry, you can see one of our approved doctors over in Munchkin Land who will tell you how to get back to work asap. Naturally, the Wizard will not be paying compensation under any circumstances – premiums are high enough around here, what with accidents happening every day.’

The tin man was at home nursing a sore neck and unable to move his head, allegedly.

..and back in the equally mythical land of the compensation culture, a few days ago Jack Straw cosy-hosted a roundtable with Chris Voller, Axa Claims Director. This inauspicious occasion was the launch of the insurance giant’s recommendations on whiplash claims. Or to be more accurate, it’s wish list for government intervention to further boost its profit margins.

You may recall Jack Straw’s ignominious climb-down in 2011 when he forgot that he was being paid by the insurance lobby to ask questions in parliament on this very topic. Now Jack is proud to be sitting at the insurers’ table, fighting for goodness knows what…

Nothing much has changed since Jack decided to ride to the rescue of the UK insurance industry except for the fact that the insurance industry now has this government well and truly stuffed (in its back pocket) and has become so emboldened by the crass deference of a supine Ministry of Justice that it is only a matter of time before it seeks to outlaw all personal injury claims:

The Axa report calls for a 3 day window of opportunity for car accident victims to make a whiplash claim, but in the the interest of ‘fairness’ and ‘justice’ it also calls for a national panel of medical experts to assess whiplash claims. We don’t need to guess who will appoint and fund these ‘impartial’ panels.

The crass hypocrisy exhibited by the insurance companies is staggering in the extreme but their boldness is now rampant. If the insurance industry’s assault on accident victims is left unchecked it will totally undermine the principle and practice of achieving fair compensation in the UK, which is already heavily stacked against hurt and injured people and their families:

These international money-making machines are being allowed to set the personal injury agenda in the UK and reframe personal injury law in their own image and likeness. It is an outrage and it has to be stopped:

Axa’s slogan is ‘Redefining Standards’. Hmm…

Written by Andy Thorogood, Business Development Manager, Bonnar Accident Law.