Can I claim compensation for whiplash after the Queen’s speech?

Claim Compensation for Whiplash?

You can and should claim compensation for whiplash if you have been injured in a car accident.

Despite the best efforts of the insurance industry and this current government (over many years) to stop genuine road traffic accident victims from claiming compensation – as we saw in last week’s Queen’s Speech to Parliament – genuine claimants are entitled to make a personal injury claim.

A New Civil Liability Bill to Claim Compensation for Whiplash

The insurance industry could hardly contain its joyful response to the announcement of the new Civil Liability Bill which introduces new rules over medical evidence and sets a new fixed rate of compensation for whiplash injuries. The Government says this could reduce the average car insurance premium by about £35/year.

Just so that you know what personal injury law firms and their clients are up against, here is a flavour of that ‘measured response’ from the big insurers who have been lobbying the government since 2010:

Direct Line said the plans provide a “strong signal”, while Axa “wholeheartedly” welcomed government proposals that include a ban on settling claims without medical evidence, measures to allow more cases to be heard in small claims courts and a standardised tariff for injury compensation.

The AA’s director of insurance Michael Lloyd also hailed the news. He added: “It’s little wonder that the UK is shamefully regarded as the whiplash capital of the world.”

Bonnar Accident Law has challenged the ABI (The Association of British Insurers) to explain why its members pay out on claims known to be fraudulent. It makes no sense and it is strange business practice indeed for an insurance company to say it pays out millions on bogus claims. Why on earth would it waste money by chucking money at fraudsters? Is THAT what is causing the mythical hike in car insurance premiums? Or is it simply a shabby attempt to disguise their efforts to increase profits by blaming the blameless accident injury victim?

By definition bogus claims are only known to be bogus because the insurance companies have the capability to investigate each and every claim and expose the ‘fakes’. No problem whatsoever with that.

In our opinion the insurance industry has promoted an elaborate PR stunt here. By paying out on ‘some’ fake car accident claims it can sell the lie that the market is rife with fraud – which is a total falsehood – but it plays well with the right-wing press.

What we are saying to the ABI and the government is this:

Crackdown on bogus car accident claims by all means available but do not attempt to vilify genuine claimants by pretending that the entire country is on the make.

So, if you have been hurt or injured in a car accident contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with one of our road traffic accident solicitors.

Meantime, don’t let the tabloids put you off seeking justice and fair compensation. It’s your right and we will help you every step of the way.