Rottweiler attack on Rhianna comes after owner ignores court order

It has been reported today that 10-year-old Rhianna Kidd who was savagely mauled by two rottweillers in Dundee on Sunday was THE SECOND VICTIM of these particular dogs – named Big Boy and Pretty Girl – within the past 12 months.

37-year-old George Jamieson was mauled by the dogs in the city last September, suffering serious injuries to his arms and shoulders in the attack. The dogs’ owner, Derek Adam, was handed a court order in March this year and ordered to control the animals. Unfortunately for Rhianna the dogs were left to roam with tragic results.Rhianna’s local MP, Jim McGovern said: “If the dogs’ owner had been dealt with firmly this terrible incident may not have happened.”

The new Control of Dogs Act, which comes into force in Scotland in February 2011, is aimed at identifying, controlling and ultimately destroying dangerous and out-of-control dogs of any breed. Against the backdrop of these horrifying attacks and the reported huge increase in dog attacks in Edinburgh this year alone, it is clear that implementation of the new legislation cannot come quickly enough.

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