Back To The Future…ERRA

“Erra – a Babylonian plague god known from an epic of the 8th Century BC. Erra is the god of mayhem and pestilence who is responsible for periods of political confusion.” (Wikipedia) Erra amulet

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FFI? Health & Safety wheeze about to hit the buffers?

FFI – as acronyms go it’s an ‘open goal’…if you’re looking for a cheap larf that is. As ideas go, FFI is more of an ‘own goal’ but it ain’t no laughing matter because this particular Government wheeze, introduced last October, is helping to undermine 170 years of progress in workplace safety. The evidence is that the scheme is spectacularly failing […]

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american bulldog

Dangerous dogs maul 8-year old Glasgow girl

Once more we find ourselves asking – “What is to be done with dogs that attack and maim innocent children?…and what is to be done with their owners?” Big, powerful, intimidating animals such as American bulldogs – the type of dogs that attacked this young girl – can hardly be described as family pets, can they? This is a […]

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Bonnar Accident Law wins undisclosed sum for cleric seriously injured in fall

Bonnar Accident Law has won an undisclosed sum on behalf of Fr. Joseph McAuley, who sustained serious facial injuries resulting from a trip and fall incident in woodland managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

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vicious dog attack

What if it were your child left scarred for life by a vicious dog attack?

Lanarkshire children continue to be traumatised by vicious dog attacks and we wonder what will it take for a crackdown on “pets” that maim.  What do 8 year-old Lanarkshire boys Aiden Gallagher and Adam Taylor have in common with 6 year-old Lanarkshire girl Sinead Fleming? All three were viciously attacked by dogs in Lanarkshire within […]

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