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Japp v Virgin Holidays – holiday accident law

The Court of Appeal handed down their decision in the above case in November 2013.  The defendant’s appeal was unsuccessful, the Appeal Court upholding the first instance decision in favour of the claimant.  The result is confirmation that, when an accident occurs and holiday accommodation requires to be assessed for compliance with local standards, the standards which are to be applied are those in force at the time of construction of the property rather than at the time of the accident.  It is the most authoritative case for such types of cases at present.

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Package holiday accident claim

Bonnar Accident Law

With the upsurge in recent years of consumers booking holidays themselves directly via the internet, it is more important than ever for the public to be aware of their rights and to the protection afforded to them, should an accident occur whilst they are abroad. 

The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 (as amended) are the starting point to ascertain whether such protection exists, and whether a claim may be possible. They enable a consumer to sue in this country.  If the Regulations do not apply to an accident it is extremely difficult to sue in the foreign courts – you will have to sue in the foreign court where the accident occurred which could be anywhere in the world.  For serious or catastrophic injuries it might be worthwhile, but anything less won’t pass a cost benefit analysis.

But what is a Package Holiday for these purposes?

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Shar Pei puppy

Another child mauled by family ‘pet’…

The word ‘puppy’ conveys an image of fun and friendship and for the vast majority of dog owners the family pet poses no danger to young children or adults…

Unfortunately, not all dogs are safe with people.  

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adventure holiday

What you need to know about adventure holidays.

By April Meechan, Associate Solicitor, Bonnar Accident Law

At this time of year, many people get down to planning a ‘trip of a lifetime’ adventure holiday in some far-flung exotic location.

In the aftermath of last year’s Luxor balloon tragedy, I looked at the Guardian Online edition which chronicled the troubled and troubling history of hot air balloon accidents over Luxor and Karnak.

The article noted that in June 2008 four Scottish holidaymakers were injured when the balloon in which they were travelling crash landed.  Bonnar & Co. acted for those holidaymakers.  I remember thinking how terrible an ordeal it must have been for them and a number of points occurred to me as I looked at the terrible recent news.

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Back To The Future…ERRA

“Erra – a Babylonian plague god known from an epic of the 8th Century BC. Erra is the god of mayhem and pestilence who is responsible for periods of political confusion.” (Wikipedia)

Erra amulet

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