Increase in Road Traffic Accidents: Bad Weather at Fault


The Scottish Government has reported that road accident casualties in 2018 were down 11% compared to the figures of 2017.

This downward trajectory of casualties on Scottish roads is welcome news, but as get into the heart of winter the rates of accidents on the road due to icy surfaces or lack of visibility, unfortunately, starts to climb.

With 12% of all reported accidents, last year due to poor weather conditions*, many Scottish car owners are taking measures to ensure they are as safe as possible when travelling the roads this winter.

Julian Hanrahan, Senior Solicitor at Scottish claims company, Bonnar Accident Law said: “We see a spike in people making road accident compensation claims over the winter because sometimes our best preparations are no match for the Scottish weather.”

Police Scotland have already issued warnings to Scottish drivers to ensure they are ready for bad road conditions, as well the possibility of being stranded in the cold.

Hanrahan continued: “We encourage everyone to follow the advice of Police Scotland, and check weather conditions before setting out.”

Here are our 5 top tips for winter road safety:

1. Drive according to the road conditions – don’t assume road surfaces will be gritted.
2. Keep these things in your car in case you get stuck: Torch (+batteries), blanket, snacks, ice-scraper, portable phone charger.
3. Check your tyre pressure and oil levels are appropriate.
4. Children and pedestrians are harder to see in the dark, so keep your speed down in busy areas.
5. Check what you should do and who you can turn to if you are involved in a weather-related accident by visiting

If you are involved in an accident, stay calm and contact the police immediately.

Follow this link if you’re unsure what you could be owed in compensation.