vicious dog attack

What if it were your child left scarred for life by a vicious dog attack?

Lanarkshire children continue to be traumatised by vicious dog attacks and we wonder what will it take for a crackdown on “pets” that maim. 

What do 8 year-old Lanarkshire boys Aiden Gallagher and Adam Taylor have in common with 6 year-old Lanarkshire girl Sinead Fleming?

All three were viciously attacked by dogs in Lanarkshire within the last two months.

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work injury

We are not amused…Queen’s Speech undermines UK worker safety and rights to fair compensation

We have come to expect the coalition government to be hell bent on a crusade to reduce worker safety, fuelled by a spurious political dogma that a reduction in the regulatory burden will unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of British industry, thus solving all our economic woes at a stroke – and the Queen’s Speech on 8th May didn’t disappoint…

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Why should it take a workplace disaster to improve working conditions?

Why should it take a workplace disaster to improve working conditions?

ZUMA / Rex Features

In the week we commemorate the lives of workers worldwide who have died in the course of their employment we ask this question of government.


What links multiple deaths, horrific injuries and destruction on a massive scale?

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What every traveller needs to know about adventure trips on foreign holidays.

What every traveller needs to know about adventure trips on foreign holidays.

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In the aftermath of the Luxor balloon tragedy, I looked at the Guardian Online edition which chronicled the troubled and troubling history of hot air balloon accidents over Luxor and Karnak.

The article noted that in June 2008 four Scottish holidaymakers were injured when the balloon in which they were travelling crash landed.  Bonnar & Co. acted for those holidaymakers.  I remember thinking how terrible an ordeal it must have been for them and a number of points occurred to me as I looked at the terrible recent news.

1. The tabloid press and some broadsheets routinely scoff over health and safety (“Elf ‘n Safety”) bureaucracy. They long for a return to light touch regulation where everything is just common sense. Light touch regulation of dangerous activities inevitably turns into casualties, particularly where a profit motive is concerned. This is not opinion, it’s arithmetic.

2. The persons we acted for had booked the trip of a lifetime to Egypt using a highly reputable adventure travel company. The balloon trip had not been pre-booked. Instead they had signed up during a welcome meeting organised by the travel company with a person whom they believed was an authorised representative of the adventure travel company.

This is a very common scenario, and I suspect one which involves a money inducement.  Following the accident the travel company did everything possible  to distance themselves from the excursion. It was not part of the package, the persons had booked independently, and the claim should be directed against the Egyptian balloon company care of some street in Cairo.

The victims would have to proceed  via the Egyptian courts. Every lawyer who does this kind of case will know what a familiar tactic this is. They wanted to argue that the person who appeared at the function organised by the travel company and taking bookings for the balloon flight had suddenly become a completely independent contractor for whom the company bore  no responsibility.

3. In particular they wanted to claim that the Package Holiday Regulations 1992 did not apply as the excursion was not part of the “package.” Technically they might have been  right about that. However, it is useful to remember that the normal law of agency applies in these situations and the company can be held liable for someone whom it may have held out as an authorised representative and agent.

In the event court proceedings had to be raised in the Court of Session in Edinburgh before the case could settle.

These kind of tactics represent our common experience when dealing with the travel industry. Matters never settle without litigation and the industry itself uses every possible loophole to evade responsibility. This is in the hope that persons injured on holiday give up or are otherwise deterred from going to court.  Our invariable experience is that it is naïve in the extreme to expect the travel company to do the decent thing.

If something does happen to you on holiday, you are going to have to prove it. 

Take photographs, get witness details including mobile phone numbers. 

You will almost certainly have to rely on these holiday acquaintances to prove your case. 

You probably won’t see this on the holiday brochures, but it is something you should bear in mind.

Written by April Meechan, Associate Solicitor, Bonnar Accident Law.

Family’s Staffordshire bull terrier mauls toddler in Glasgow flat.

Family's Staffordshire bull terrier mauls toddler in Glasgow flat.

Staffordshire bull terrier

In post Control of Dogs (Scotland Act) 2010 – yet another attack by a fearsome dog on a defenceless child makes the headlines… 

Why do some people insist on keep these types of animals and why can’t they control them?

The litany of dog attack victims in this country is long and shameful and we make no apology for highlighting the all too familiar pattern of family ‘pet’ savages daughter / nephew / neighbour / family friend…

We wish this little girl a full recovery and our sympathies go to her mother. 

Surgeons at Glasgow’s Sick Kids Hospital at Yorkhill battled to save a toddler’s eyesight after she was mauled in a horror attack by her grandad’s dog.

The terrifying dog attack happened just before midnight on Friday at a flat in Possil,

Glasgow.Millie’s 21-year-old mum Jamielee Bennett is the daughter of the dog’s owner, Joe Bennett. The dog involved – along with another of the same breed owned by the grandfather – has been seized by police.

A police spokesman said:

“An 18-month-old girl sustained serious facial injuries after being bitten by a Staffordshire bull terrier in a house in Glasgow at around 11.40pm on Friday. She was taken to Yorkhill Children’s Hospital, where she is presently detained.

Hospital staff describe her condition as serious but stable. The dog, plus one other of the same breed, has been seized by officers and inquiries continue.”


Our views on dangerous dogs and the responsibilities of dog ownership:

Written by Andy Thorogood, Business Development Manager, Bonnar Accident Law.