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Most personal injury claims are settled out of court, but on those occassions when the insurance company and their lawyers are determined to defend a case, it is absolutely vital that your case is being handled by expert personal injury solictors.

At Bonnar Accident Law we prepare every accident compensation claim to an exacting standard so that we are ready to go to court to fight for your rights if required and that is precisely why most of our cases never end up in court...the other side know we are more than a match for them.   

Whoever caused your injury, you will be claiming against their insurance company who will have a team of determined, experienced lawyers with a single aim - to get your case thrown out and leave you with nothing.

Be assured - to the insurance companies you are just a number.

They know which law firms have a litigation track record and are successful in winning personal injury cases where the accident victim's claim is repudiated and the case has to go to court in order to achieve justice. They do not want you to pick a firm like us.

You should know that the true value of your claim is at risk if you instruct lawyers who only write letters and hope for the best. That would be a big mistake...and that is why you need to instruct a firm like us, because we are prepared to fight for your rights from the start and take your case into court where necessary.    

Bonnar Accident Law guarantees that we will leave no stone unturned in our fight for proper compensation on your behalf.  We will cover all your costs and expenses should your claim be unsuccessful. Owing to our volume of business, Bonnar Accident Law has access to specialist insurance cover for your case. You won’t pay a thing if your case is lost. 

So you have only two questions when deciding which law firm to appoint:-

1. Do they have a litigation track record?

2. Do they have insurance in place so that I will not be out of pocket if the case is lost?

Our answer to both questions is YES.

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