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Solicitor Referrals

We are leaders in personal injury litigation - and this means a 'good deal' to referring solicitors.

Bonnar Accident Law operates within a thriving network of valued firms that are very pleased with the work we do for their clients and the commercial arrangement we offer for fee-sharing.  

We believe that our fee-sharing arrangement is the most equitable in Scotland:

please contact Veronica McManus to discuss your client's PI claim on -
Freephone 0800 163 978.

When we accept the referral, we will take over and become responsible for all outlays.

The firm is a Headway corporate member firm and we are very experienced in litigating complex head and brain injury cases and other catastrophic injury claims.

As well as winning significant out of court settlements, our personal injury litigation team has been involved in numerous significant judgements, including a £6m award to a young woman with multiple injuries and major brain damage.

Bonnar Accident Law are very experienced practitioners in the Sheriff Court.

If you have a case which you might think is appropriate for referral and you want a prompt decision, please do not hesitate to contact Veronica McManus, April Meechan or Julian Hanrahan. They will be happy to discuss the details with you and get things moving if quickly if that is your wish.

Our FREEPHONE number is: 0800 163 978


Please note that we do not expect you to enter into any long term comittment nor are we prescriptive about the working relationship between our firms. You can determine the level of involvement in the case to suit your needs and your client's wishes.  

We always treat referrals, first and foremost, as clients of the referring firm. Our track record in winning ‘above expectation’ levels of compensation in personal injury cases is excellent.

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