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Things You Need to Know

Personal Injury In Scotland - Making the right choice: Things you need to know about making a claim for accident compensation in Scotland

Personal injury claims are subject to a time limit, which in most cases is three years.

If you do not settle your claim or issue proceedings within three years of the date of your accident, your case will be time barred.  For advice on industrial illness claims and claims involving children please ask us, as the time limits are different.

Not all solicitors are experts in handling personal injury claims.

Many firms of solicitors handle a wide variety of cases including divorce, house sales, neighbour disputes and the like. They cannot be expert in everything so why take the chance that they have the resources to take on the big insurance companies?

Bonnar Accident Law only ever handles personal injury cases.

Some personal injury solicitors represent both claimants and defenders.

You should be aware that some firms of solicitors work for injured people and those who stand accused of causing injury. They will say that this dual role gives them a unique insight into the issues involved in personal injury claims.

With nearly 40 years' experience, Bonnar Accident Law has all the insight you will ever need and we say that representing injured people against those responsible for causing injury requires a law firm to be dedicated 100% to the cause of seeking justice for the innocent party.

Claims handling companies are not legally qualified and they do not progress your claim.

Claims handling firms are middlemen who advertise for your business and then pass your case to a solicitor from their panel for a fee. As you are reading this page, you have evidently done the job for yourself and found your own personal injury solicitor.

Scottish solicitors are regulated by the Scottish Law Society.

Solicitors operate within strict professional guidelines which provide you with total piece of mind.
In Scotland, claims management firms are unregulated. 

Things we will ask you to do 

•    Obtain the names and addresses of any witnesses to your accident or injury and encourage them to co-operate with us when asked.
•    Gather as much photographic evidence relating to your accident as soon as possible as this will help us in the preparation of your case. 
•    Give us your permission to use any relevant GP or hospital records to support your claim and arrange for any further medical examinations we deem necessary. 

Things you should never do

•    Make a written statement to a third party regarding your personal injury case.
•    Agree to or sign anything without discussing it with your solicitor first.
•    Accept a cash settlement offer for your claim from a third party, i.e. an insurance company.

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