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No Win - No Fee

What does ‘No win - No fee’ mean?

If you appoint Bonnar Accident Law Solicitors to handle your personal injury claim you immediately gain access to all the expertise and resources of our firm and you will not pay us a penny unless we are successful in winning compensation on your behalf. This means that we only get paid if we win.

No win - No fee personal injury claims in Scotland   
That’s the Bonnar Accident Law guarantee.

If we win, we will charge you a reasonable pre-arranged success fee. The details of this arrangement will vary according to the circumstances of each case and will be fully explained to you at the outset of the claims procedure.

Why is ‘No win - No fee’ with Bonnar Accident Law such a good deal?

•    The insurance companies employ the best and most expensive lawyers with the sole aim of kicking your claim out totally or reducing its value to a minimum. You need to get the acknowledged personal injury compensation claim experts on your side without worrying about the cost.

Our ‘No win - No Fee’ agreement allows you access to justice by levelling this very uneven playing field and redressing the balance in your favour.
•    Our success fee does not apply to claims funded by Legal Aid and it varies on a case by case basis depending on the particular circumstances of your accident or illness and the merits and / or complexity of your case. We will explain the details of your individual agreement fully in writing.

•    We cap our success fee which is based on our legitimate costs incurred on your behalf and our hourly charge out rates which are regulated by The Law Society of Scotland.

•    The figure to focus on is the total value of your claim. Bonnar Accident Law invariably succeeds in getting insurance companies to increase their initial offer and all we ask is for our efforts on your behalf to be recognised by agreeing that we are entitled to recover a small percentage of your award.


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