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Accident Advice Helpline

(Back so soon guys?)

Just when you think claims company website waffle couldn’t get any worse, it can and it does.

Now, we’re not saying that Accident Advice Helpline are the worst offenders (cos they’re not; sadly there’s much worse) and we’re not saying that bits of their website aren’t all right, sort of…

What we are saying is that their ‘Accident Solicitor Airdrie pages’ are inane, inept and inaccurate. Worst of all, their bumptious blurb is a pretty shameless attempt to mislead people looking for help and advice with an accident compensation claim in Airdrie, which just happens to be the kind of thing we do….help hurt and injured people that is, not mislead them.

So what, exactly, are they saying on their website and why does it matter?

The first part: The words wot they have wrote…

Accident solicitor Airdrie

Contacting an Accident Solicitor Airdrie

Accidents come in all shapes and sizes, much like the people that cause them. Getting into an accident can very distressing, especially if you were hurt in the process, and if it was somebody else’s fault then that is just adding insult to injury. (You have got to be joking…)

If you have been hurt in this way in an accident, then you may be tempted to fire up your favourite search engine with accident solicitor Airdrie. (Fire up your favourite search engine??)

While this may well throw up a lot of results for you, how many of them would actually be relevant? (Well ours, for a start…) In terms of personal injury claims there a lot of factors involved, such as the kind of accident that occurred and the varying complications that each can bring. (No ‘kidding’, Sherlock.)

For accidents occurring in the work place, for example, the nature of the industry involved can play a part simply because the regulations for each can vary wildly. (‘The nature of the industry involved can play a part’? Really???) A set of procedures and regulations for the building trade will not be the same as for companies that are predominately office based. (Eh? Come off it.)

It is for this reason that there are solicitors that specialise in specific industries. (Could you possibly talk down any more to clients?) Obviously logistics dictate that not every solicitor’s office can have specialist teams or solicitors. This is where a search for ‘national accident solicitor’ would be more appropriate, as opposed to accident solicitor Airdrie.(More appropriate for whom? Hurt and injured people actually looking for an accident solicitor in Airdrie? Accident Advice Helpline perhaps? National good – Local bad? Has the author read Animal Farm, perchance?)

The Accident Advice Helpline

A national company would be better placed to handle a wider variety of claims cases because they are able to draw from a wider pool of talent. (It ain’t necessarily so and it definitely ain’t so in this case) The Accident Advice Helpline is one such company, except that their team of legal experts are in house and so are more readily available, and thus your claim is handled and processed much faster. (What does ‘in house’ mean in this context, given that they operate a panel of law firms? What is TRUE is that ‘your claim will be processed’.)

The Accident Advice Helpline have over ten years of experience in the personal injury arena, and in that time they have helped tens of thousands of accident victims claim compensation where the accident was not their fault. (Dontcha just love phrases like ‘in the personal injury arena’?)

One of the reasons that the Helpline has been so successful is that their claim submission process is so straightforward. A simple online form is all that stands between a potential claimant and their claim being put forward. (Alternatively, all that stands between a potential claimant and a disastrous choice of solicitor is their simple online claim form, alledgedly.)

30 second Test

The onsite 30 second test can give an estimate of the amount that a claimant could receive, should the case be successful. There is also a Freephone number that can be used twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

All three communication methods take just a moment to complete (It’s English Jim, but not as we know it), and they are all obligation free; a claimant can cancel at any time and owe nothing. Even the claims that are not successful are not subject to a fee.

With all of this, is it any wonder that the Accident Advice Helpline is the number one choice? (Er, yes, it is rather…Anyway is it / are they the number one choice? Says who?)

…and what WOULD Esther say? I’ll let you know, perhaps?

The second part: why it matters

There is hardly any need for us to declare a fairly acute level of self-interest here – and why not? – but let’s put the obvious aside for one moment.

We feel that this particular mish-mash of a marketing message is misleading and the method is primarily a matter of chucking a large wedge of cash at the market in the hope something sticks.

It is self-evidently clear that our featured website cares less about veracity and more about making pompous positioning statements designed to charm potential clients into thinking they have come to the right place to receive the best legal advice.

If the quality of advice matches the quality of the message..?

See you next week for more ‘Website Waffle Wednesday’, featuring claims company and insurance industry drivel and disinformation.

Bonnar Accident Law operates independently from claims companies and insurance industry panels. We never work for people who cause accidents, preferring to dedicate our efforts towards securing the financial and medical needs of hurt and injured people and their families.

Andy Thorogood, Business Development Manager, Bonnar Accident Law