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Accident Advice Helpline

Here we go again, with another example of website waffle courtesy of The Accident Advice Helpline Dunfermline ‘entry’…and I can’t say it didn’t make me laugh / cringe / scratch my head in disbelief. Well, not the latter if truth be told, if only because this effort at keyword stuffing is up to their usual high standard of non-relevance and it came as no real surprise when I stepped once more into the world of website waffle.

So, let’s imagine that you are a resident of Dunfermline or live somewhere nearby in the Kingdom of Fife and you are looking for a personal injury solicitor to help you with a car accident claim.

Here’s what you get when you click on their site…our comments in blue.

Car accident piqued you? (‘Piqued you’? Really? A car accident can do many things to a person such as, oh, injure you, but pique you??) 

Dunfermline car accident piqued you because you are unable to understand how to go about seeking compensation for the injuries that you got in a car accident in Dunfermline? (How to stuff a sentence with  the locator term Dunfermline – oops, I’ve done it again. As for writing in coherent sentences?) Do not get provoked by this sort of a legal predicament, (Do not get provoked by this sort of twaddle. I mean ‘legal predicament’. Jeez…there is no predicament . Just call an injury lawyer in Dunfermline…oops I’ve darn well gone and done it again, haven’t I?) just take the help of the Accident Advice Helpline. (The question here is why would you? Maybe because Esther says so.)

Though it looks very easy to drive a car, this is not at all the case (quite) and there are various safety measures that must be taken to ensure that you do not meet with a car accident (Drive safely – no problem with that, but this site is about the aftermath of a car accident and what to do next) when you drive a car. (‘It looks very easy to drive a car’. Are they serious? This is an accident advice company, not a driving school, right?) Here are a few car driving safety tips to help you…

Compensation for Dunfermline car accident?

Dunfermline has been twinned with Albufeira in Portugal, Sarasota, Florida in the United States of America, Wilhelmshaven in Germany,Albany, New York in the United States of America, Spain Logroño in Spain, Vichy in France and Trondheim in Norway. (Is it me? Now we have well and truly entered the Twilight Zone of website waffle. Unless of course your Mastermind Special subject is Dunfermline’s Twin Towns) One of the most famous people in the world was born in the year 1835 in Dunfermline and he is (‘was’, surely) none other than the world famous philanthropist and entrepreneur, Andrew Carnegie. (Well at least the Carnegie reference has a modicum of relevance… wait , no it doesn’t.)

If you got injured in a car accident in Dunfermline, it is possible for you to get compensated for this car accident, (oh dear, nearly verbatim repetition of CAID in the same, short, nearly sentence…That’s car accident etc…) in the following circumstances:

◾Medical treatment was needed as (because?) you got injured in a car accident in Dunfermline.

◾Some other person was the cause of you getting injured in a car accident in Dunfermline.

◾You got injured in a car accident in Dunfermline, within the past 3 years.

Any more options? and how many times did you spot excessive utilisation of CAID?

Dunfermline car accident solicitor?

Did you get wounded (OMG, as the young people say. ‘Wounded’??) in a car accident in Dunfermline (CAID) and are you now keen on being compensated for this car accident? (‘keen..? What? No ‘in Dunfermline’?)

Talk to the Accident Advice Helpline in the event that you are seeking help to try to get compensated for this Dunfermline car accident and you can get in touch with these experts (‘these experts’? – our experts, surely?) in injury compensation at the number 0333 500 0993 from a cell phone (mobile, surely. Nobody says cell in the UK., do they?. Maybe this wasn’t written in the UK…) or in case you are calling up from a land-line, dial the number 0800 689 0500.

Or not…

There’s more pseudo-localised cut and paste drivel like this to be found across most of their web pages, which has the sole purpose of giving the impression they are active, with a ‘bricks and mortar’ presence in every town, village and hamlet… which they’re not.

However that isn’t the main problem. We just plain and simple get irritated by all the claims companies’ crass attempts to hoover up business across the length and breadth of the land by posturing as personal injury law firms when they are, in fact, merely middlemen who sell your injury claim to the highest bidder.

We don’t play the claims game…and we hope that injured people looking for help and advice with an accident claim in Dunfermline won’t be tempted by smoke and mirrors.

So, wait for it, if you have been involved in a car accident in Dunfermline and you want to know if you have the basis of a compensation claim, you know who to talk to…in DUNFERMLINE!

..and yes, we do have a book to plug, but it’s a good book and it’s crammed full of useful ‘must know’ information for accident victims and their families. It’s called :

‘The Scotland Accident & Injury Advice Book’

and it’s available free to download from our website.

Till next time.

Posted by Andy Thorogood