Accident claim lawyer in East Kilbride?

Accident Advice Helpline

The other day I was checking out how our own website fared in a search for ‘accident claim lawyer in East Kilbride’ and stumbled upon Accident Advice Helpline’s entry.

It begins…

“Kilbride lies in Northern Ireland and like all surrounding areas it has suffered much conflict and many troubles over the past 100 years and still does to a lesser degree today. There has been a lot of economic troubles too especially since the 1950’s when the towns mill, Corgi Mill, closed down leaving a large percentage of the town unemployed and destitute in a time when welfare benefits were extremely new and extremely difficult to obtain. Today there is still a larger than average rate of unemployment here possibly due to the lack of industries and the aging population meaning people are keeping their occupation for longer.”

Given that EAST KILBRIDE is in the west of Scotland, there is no need to comment further on this rather lazy, inaccurate and inept opening statement.

Now, just in case you don’t know what a lawyer in East Kilbride does or knows, the copy continues thus…

“A lawyer in East Kilbride knows that over the years many things do change but nothing more than British law, there are now strict rules and safety measures in place by law to ensure your safety at all times, whether you are in the street, in a shop at work, or on the road unbeknown to you it is someones responsibility to ensure your safety….It may be time to contact a lawyer in East Kilbride.”

Can’t spell, can’t construct a sentence, failed geography…

Of course the problem with much of this type of banal rubbish is that it doesn’t really matter in the sense that the big claims companies can spend fortunes on adwords campaigns and simply buy up the premium slots. What they say on their websites is rarely subject to scrutiny.

Some claims companies can and evidently do, churn out some terrible, toe-curling, semi-literate drivel to fill space on their website but they know deep-down that all they need to do is attract attention, promise the earth and let marketing spin do the rest…

With adwords doing the heavy lifting they can forget about search engine optimisation and the need to provide hurt and injured people with, accurate, helpful and qualified INDEPENDENT LEGAL ADVICE.

Meanwhile proper lawyers will continue to market themselves properly with a concern and respect for their clients.

Footnote: Bonnar Accident Law operates independently from claims companies.

By Andy Thorogood, Business Development Manager, Bonnar Accident Law.