How to Make a Claim During Covid-19

How to Make a Claim During Covid-19

How to Make a Claim During Covid-19

During these times, it can seem daunting to think about bringing forward a claim – many offices are shut, have a skeleton staff, or simply have gone into administration. Some will wonder whether it is worth trying to start a claim at this time, simply because it is too much of a hassle and would take to long to be processed because of the working realities of living during this time of coronavirus.

Is it possible to make a claim right now?

Yes! At Bonnar Accident Law, we want to assure you that we are continuing to work normally and for us its business as usual. We have set up all of our employees to be able to work efficiently and comfortably at home and continue to pursue claims and build cases for our clients with just the same care, thoughtfulness and detail.

We are continuing with our normal caseload, and are happy to take on new clients, working to make sure they receive the compensation they deserve, whether they’ve had been involved in an accident at work, on the road or otherwise. The only different thing is that our desks our now spread out, just a wee bit farther than normal.

Will I be able to speak to someone?

Absolutely. At Bonnar Accident Law, we’ve always been committed to ensuring you thoroughly understand your case and how it’s being brought forward, and that you feel completely comfortable: this means speaking to a human being, rather than being processed through a senseless computer system. We will always answer the phone and are happy to have a quick chat, or a lengthy talk with you – whatever you need.

Will there be a delay in my claim?

As with all things during this time, things may take slightly longer. But don’t worry, any delays will be minimal and won’t be felt by you and your case will progress normally.

How Can I Claim?

Simply get in touch with one of our friendly knowledgeable staff, and we’ll take it from there. At Bonnar Accident Law, No win No fee solicitors your peace of mind is our priority.