Shar Pei puppy

Another child mauled by family ‘pet’…

The word ‘puppy’ conveys an image of fun and friendship and for the vast majority of dog owners the family pet poses no danger to young children or adults…

Unfortunately, not all dogs are safe with people.

5-year old Eithan Adamson was mauled by a Shar Pei puppy at his mother’s home in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, last Wednesday.

Surgeons reattaching the skin on Eithan’s head said they “lost count” of the stitches required.

The boy’s mother, Karina, 23, revealed yesterday she is having the dog put through a temperament test with a view to it being given a new home.

Vet Neil McIntosh said he wouldn’t hesitate to put a dog to sleep if it had attacked a child in such a horrific manner. Neil said: “If you have a dog which has carried out a vicious attack for no valid reason, unless it is particularly unwell and is suffering from a painful condition, then taking the risk again is too great. In the overwhelming majority of cases such as this, parents or owners want the dog to be put to sleep.”

Under the Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010, police have powers to seize dangerous dogs, but if the owners don’t want them to be put down, a report goes to the procurator fiscal who will make the decision in each individual case.

Police said last night: “A report on this incident has been sent to the fiscal.”