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Ankle & Foot Injury

If you have been involved in an accident that has resulted in an injury to your ankle or foot, then Bonnar Accident Law can help you claim the compensation you deserve on a ‘No Win - No Fee’ basis.

General Damages is the term used in Scotland to describe the amount that the courts think is reasonable for the pain and suffering of the accident victim. The value of these awards varies depending on the circumstances and severity of each individual case. However, the following typical settlement figures will give you an idea of what you can expect as compensation for your injury.

Please note, that when calculating the total value of your claim the courts will also consider any past and future wage loss, property damage costs and services costs which can include the provision of domestic help and on-going medical care. You need expert legal advice to ensure that these additional costs are properly identified, quantified and included in your claim. 

Ankle and foot injuries

Loss of both feet  up to £120,000
Loss of one foot  up to £55,000
Loss of all toes  up to £30,000
Loss of big toe  up to £18,000
Fractures and injuries  
Severe fracture of the ankle with significant deformity and possibility of amputation  up to £30,000
Serious fracture of the ankle resulting in difficulty walking     up to £15,500
Minor fracture of the ankle with complete recovery  up to £8,000
Ruptured achilles tendon with complete recovery  up to £7,500
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