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Sports or Leisure Injuries

If you have been hurt or injured as the result of a sporting or leisure activity accident anywhere in Scotland or if you have been hurt on holiday abroad, Bonnar Accident Law can help you claim compensation on a No Win - No Fee basis.

You should gather as much photographic and witness evidence as possible and you should write down everything that happened to you while the details are still fresh in your mind. Family and friends can often be very helpful with their recollection of events.

Claiming compensation for sports and leisure injuries at home and abroad

A serious injury caused by participation in a sport or adventure activity can have a drastic impact on the accident victim’s lifestyle and ability to earn a living.

Holiday tour companies, hotels, sports facility operators, leisure activity organisers - all have a statutory duty to identify and reduce all unnecessary risk.

Some typical sports or leisure activity claims:

  • The dangerous, careless or negligent actions of another player
  • Defective or unsafe equipment
  • A faulty or damaged playing surface
  • Poor or inadequate instruction or supervision

Recent Bonnar Accident Law cases:

  • A couple injured on a ballooning trip in Egypt.
  • A young woman injured on a gorge walk in Perthshire.
  • A young professional footballer injured during a match.
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