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Home Visits

Looking for injury lawyers in Scotland?

Then please make sure they can back up their claims...or be prepared to lose out on your claim.     

Home visits:

Despite one firm's website claim to be the only Scottish solicitors to offer home visits; it will come as no great surprise to learn that most Scottish solicitors regularly visits clients at home for a whole host of reasons...not all of which are related to accident and personal injury compensation claims, of course.  

Bonnar Accident Law has been visiting clients at home and in hospital for over 30 years - longer than some rival firms have been in business. Our solicitors are pleased to arrange home consultations if requested at any stage of your claim.

There are absolutely no restrictions on location or timing as arrangements can easily be made to meet the specific needs of clients and their families. 

We would of course be quite interested to hear of anyone, or any firm, claiming that Bonnar Accident Law doesn't offer home visits...

Is your lawyer actually a lawyer?

You might be surprised to learn that some of the lawyers advertising on tv are actually call centres who sell your claim to the highest bidder. 

Is your lawyer qualified to advise you on personal injury compensation?

Personal injury law is a specialist field best left to the experts. You need to ask your solicitor if they are members of APIL - The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers - and if anyone in the firm is an accredited personal injury specialist. If the answer is no, then you have cause for concern, so why put your claim at risk?  


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