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Why you need a solicitor to help you

Your accident claim is too important to leave to chance.
Do not let a claims company deal with your accident compensation.
You need the reassurance of being in capable hands that you  can trust. 

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Personal injury is a serious matter for you and your family and that is why you should take care when seeking help with your accident compensation claim.
If you have been hurt or injured in an accident in Scotland you need legal advice from qualified solicitors, regulated by the Law Society of Scotland.

Bonnar Accident Law has been winning personal injury cases in Scotland for nearly 40 years - long before any of the claims companies or legal services providers came on the scene.

Dealing with an insurance company

Accident victims and their families need proper legal advice from qualified personal injury solicitors when dealing with an insurance company.

If you don’t have a solicitor to represent your interests in a personal injury case you are relying on the goodwill of an insurance company to make you a fair offer, or any offer, for that matter…

Insurance companies are not registered charities. They will attempt to reduce the value of your claim or even try to throw it out altogether. If you have been hurt or injured you might receive an early offer to settle your claim, often before you have had a chance to seek qualified legal advice or even seen a doctor.

Insurance companies want you to take their first offer and they employ scaremongering tactics to bully accident victims.

Never agree to or sign anything before consulting a solicitor. 

If you do not have a solicitor safeguarding your interests, then you are at the mercy of an industry that is determined to stigmatise and vilify personal injury claimants and their families.

Bonnar Accident Law is regulated by the Law Society of Scotland and operates to the highest ethical and professional standards.

We will review your accident claim free of charge and tell you right away if we think your case has a good chance of success. We can also fund your claim under our No Win - No Fee agreement which removes all financial risk and allows you to focus on recovering from your injuries without worry.  

The claims companies - who they are and what they do

Hardly a week goes by without our office receiving a call from a start-up claims management comapny offering to sell us accident claims. These firms typically buy in lists of names from list brokers and cold call or text unsuspecting members of the public with outrageous offers of cash conmpensation for accidents they have no legitimate way of knowing about. Just about everyone you talk to will tell you that they have received an unsolicited text message from a claims company and you have to wonder why this is.

The answer is as shocking as it is straightforward - there is money to be made from your accident claim by selling your name and contact details...and you will never know, until now that is.  

Of course, what they are doing is fishing for sales leads in the hope that they will stumble upon a genuine accident victim they can  hoodwink into parting with their details which they will try to sell for a fee. Let's be absolutely clear about what's going on here. These organisations do not represent your interests against the insurance comapnies. They neither investigate nor prepare your case.

They do one thing and one thing only - THEY SELL YOUR CASE FOR A FEE TO ANYONE WHO WILL PAY FOR IT.

They have absolutely no interest in the outcome of your accident compensation claim once they have been paid for selling on your personal information.

Claims companies may try to look like solicitors, but they don’t behave like solicitors. Some will use a variety of aggressive marketing methods and dubious incentives to attract business from accident victims and their families who think that they are dealing directly with qualified lawyers.

Some claims companies’ advertising is designed to create the illusion that they are solicitors for the simple reason that they know that people who need to make a claim for personal injury compensation in Scotland need to appoint a qualified personal injury solicitor.
  • When your car breaks down you go directly to a garage.
  • When your tooth aches you go directly to a dentist.

So why would an accident victim go to a claims handling firms and not directly to a solicitor? Could it be they think they are dealing direct with an expert personal injury solicitor?

These companies showcase themselves as lawyers and advertise their services in print and online as if they were solicitors, but they are in fact only middlemen, with varying degrees of competence and knowledge of the law.

They may attempt to handle a so-called ‘straightforward’ claim themselves and offer to deal with the defender’s insurance company on your behalf.

Please, whatever you do, do not go down this route because there is every chance that your claim will be drastically undervalued.

If you are lucky, the claims company will put you in touch with a competent solicitor with experience of handling an accident compensation claim in Scotland, but  you have no way of knowing if the firms on these panels are qualified to deal with your claim. 

So why would you trust to luck by letting a sales-driven organisation choose your lawyer for you?

If the business you are dealing with is not itself registered with the Law Society of Scotland, then you are not dealing with a solicitor and right from the start your claim could be at risk.

Unlike compensation claims companies in Scotland that are not subject to any form of regulation, our law firm is governed and monitored by strictly applied rules designed to safeguard the interests of the general public. The claims companies can pretty much say what they like and pretend to be lawyers while they dupe the public into parting with their personal information which they sell to the highest bidder.

If you have been hurt or injured in an accident in Scotland the tricky part is picking the best qualified Scottish firm of solicitors for the job when one law firm looks as good the next one, apparently…

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