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Serious injury compensation claims in Scotland

Serious injury compensation claims, particularly those involving damage to the brain or spinal cord can have a devastating impact on accident victims and their families. Experience and expertise is everything in major injury cases and we would therefore urge the family to contact a specialist personal injury law firm.      

There is so much at stake for everyone involved and only very few personal injury solicitors can properly claim to have the experience and expertise required to achieve success at this level.  

Your family’s guarantee of independent, specialist legal advice following a head injury is that a law firm is a corporate member of Headway UK, the Brain Injury Association -

Headway membership acknowledges a firm’s committment to excellence in handling complex, high-value cases, often involving catastrophic injury.

Among our many successes and significant wins over many years, we recently secured what is believed to be the largest ever financial settlement awarded to brain-injured adult in Scotland - £6million.

The following extract is from the Headway website:
Brain injuries are complicated and involve different considerations from other forms of injury. It is very important that the solicitor you choose to handle your claim understands the complexities of your injury and how your own injury is likely to affect your life. A specialist solicitor will know the right medical experts and rehabilitation specialists to instruct in your claim which will result in fair and just compensation to you.


Choosing the right serious injury lawyer

Making the wrong choice of personal injury solicitor when dealing with a serious injury compensation claim in Scotland can mean the difference between a fully-funded package of specialist medical care and support and a lifetime of financial struggle and hardship for the accident victim and their family. A difference of hundreds of thousands of pounds, or even more, can be involved.   

Experience is everything when handling serious injury claims and if you are in any doubt that the solicitor you are thinking of using is not up to the job of winning your head or spinal injury case, you need to ask some hard questions and get some honest answers.

When a seriously injured person’s future is at stake a family needs to be absolutely certain that they have made the correct choice of personal injury solicitor.

Success in serious injury cases demands experience, expertise, skill and many years of training on the part of your solicitor. However, in addition to the ability of the solicitor, the law firm itself needs to be financially secure.

Specialist law firms, like Bonnar Accident Law, carry a significant level of insurance to protect the interests of seriously injured clients and provide cover against all eventualities in cases that are worth in excess of £1 million.

How we work with families in the aftermath of a serious injury to a loved one

We pay particular attention to the emotional needs of family and carers at this most difficult time for all concerned. We are always aware that in distressing cases of this nature the lives of an entire family can be turned upside down in an instant, as a result of injury to a loved one. 

For Bonnar Accident Law, therefore, it’s not just about maximising our clients’ compensation it’s about helping a family cope with the consequences of a devastating accident.

However, in serious injury cases where the costs of long-term medical care and rehabilitation services can be very expensive, we fight ‘tooth and nail’ to ensure that our clients receive the very best medical support whatever the cost - which can be considerable.


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